The story behind Eco By Heart

Eco By Heart was born from a desire to reduce the amount of daily waste and plastic sent to the landfill. In our journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle, we learned that it takes a lot of effort and research to find out if a particular brand or product is sustainable. Sustainable materials are not the same as sustainable products; the material is only a small part of the product. To find out if a product is sustainable we need to look at the origin, how it is handled, the manufacturing process, the transportation and the working conditions of those who manufacture the product.

To be honest, only very few products can be labelled sustainable. In most cases, environmentally friendly would be a more correct term.

Eco By Heart is a small company on a mission. Our mission is to remove single-use, throwaway and landfill waste from everyday life. We seek to find products that we use daily without compromising on quality and ethics or the expanse of the environment. We do our best to find reusable, recyclable and plastic-free alternatives to everyday products to reduce waste and pollution.

Our products range from beeswax wraps to vegan leather lunch bags, from reusable toilet rolls to safety razors, from washable hemp makeup remover pads to coconut coir scrubbers with everything in between. Living a more sustainable life is not always easy or perfect but little changes can have a huge impact. So start implementing small changes today to make a big difference tomorrow.