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Double Dumpling, Ravioli, And Empanada Press

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  • Make two dumplings / empanadas / ravioli at a time with just one press
  • No leak - the press will seal your pastry
  • Easy to use and fun for kids
  • Perfect if you have arthritis or for some other reason lack strength or mobility in your fingers
  • Non-stick-surface and food-approved

 We love making empanadas and dumplings but we didn't do it very often in the past. It just took too long and my energy levels were so low after picking up kids from school and doing grocery shopping and other chores after a long day at work.

Well, the good news is, that we found this super awesome machine, and making empanadas and dumplings has never been easier!

So If you love dumplings, empanadas, and ravioli like we do - but you are tired of the filling leaking out or maybe you think it is too time-consuming like we did - this is the tool for you! 

With our Dumpling maker, you can make the perfect leak-free dumplings, empanadas, and ravioli in no time - what's not to love?

We haven't tried the ravioli* yet but that's on the menu on Saturday, and we will let you know how they turn out.
* To be fair; they are actually called mezzelune and not ravioli when they have the shape of empanadas.